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Canada-based immigration law firm, Ace, set up Dubai office

Last Updated: June 2, 2021

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Canada has always been a favourite destination for immigrants. Canadian lifestyles can be healthy, with a high average life expectancy and incomes, the country is rich in natural resources, the economy is highly developed and open, and the society is multicultural and welcoming to newcomers. Canadian healthcare is universal and provided by each province, which means that you don’t have to pay huge bills, and education levels are some of the best in the world.


Revenues from investment migration programmes have more than tripled in the past five years. The growth is expected to continue, with a further 5% rise being estimated for 2021-2027. This is attributed to the greater and urgent need for mobility due the COVID-19 induced lockdowns, freeze in economic activities and health concerns, all of which have crystallised and concentrated people’s need to plan for the future.


The Canadian Business Immigration Program aims to create new opportunities in local markets, by welcoming those who have the skill and experience to help grow it. Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, a leading business immigration firm based in Ontario in Canada, has announced expansion plans in the Middle East, with the opening of a local office in Dubai. The company has seen a recent surge in interest in North America, and predicts that over 1000 UAE and Saudi-based entrepreneurs and start-ups will sign up with companies in Canada a year. These business tie-ups will boost investment and business activities between Canada, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


The UAE is Canada’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa and Canadian merchandise exports to the UAE reached a record of $1.6 billion in 2017, reflecting strong cultural ties between Canada and the UAE, and growing bilateral relations.


A research study about Entrepreneurship & Startup Migration Trends in Middle East 2021 by Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions is currently under way. The findings will be revealed at Ace’s launch in Dubai in September 2021, the day before mega-event Expo 2020 kicks off on the 1st October.


Canadian barrister and Managing Partner of Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, Shahrukh Zohaib, said: “UAE is on the recovery path and has a promising future backed by its handling of COVID-19 crisis and country-wide vaccination drive. Dubai is still the hub of commerce, trade, business and a favourite destination for international investors. We have noticed there is a pent-up desire in Middle Eastern investors to expand and capitalise on Canadian and North America markets.”


“Here comes the Ace to put each case and application on right track so that the investors do not face rejections due to the improper handling of the immigration case file, missing documents and lack of knowledge about business migration processes. We have seen 90% of case rejections are due the improper submission by applicants or their representatives. Ace will be the only immigration company in the UAE which will be headed by a team of three expert Canadian national lawyers and has the highest success rate in the UAE,” Shahrukh added.


Ace work with all clients from the first initial intake interviews through the creation of a business plan, prepare them properly for interviews, and ensure they are successful in obtaining their letter of support and permanent residency to satisfy the requirements of the various programmes offered.


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