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Nestled in the heart of North America, the United States stands as a global icon, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and profound influence on the world’s political stage. With its 50 states and unique federal district, the USA seamlessly weaves tradition and diversity into a vibrant, multicultural society, fostering a spirit of tolerance and unity. This land of opportunity cherishes time-honored customs, creating a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs and innovators, supported by first-class infrastructure. The nation’s cutting-edge education system draws students from around the world, and its healthcare services prioritize the well-being of all. It’s no wonder the United States remains a magnet for those worldwide, drawn by the promise of a dynamic home, thriving job market, entrepreneurial opportunities, and access to a world-class education system, making it one of the most coveted destinations.

US EB5 Visa


Starting from $800,000

Time Frame

24-36 Months

Family Dependents

Spouse,Children under 21

About US EB-5 Business Investor Visa

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a U.S. visa program that provides a path to permanent residency (green card) for foreign investors who meet certain requirements. To qualify, investorsmust invest a minimum amount of capital in a new commercial enterprise and create or preserve a specified number of jobs for U.S. workers. Successful applicants and their immediate family members can obtain conditional green cards, which can be converted into permanent residency after meeting program requirements


-Ability to travel freely to and from the United States.

-Relatively fast route to US permanent residency (Green Card) for most people;

-Possibility to obtain US Citizenship eventually;

-Relatively cost-effective compared with residency programs in similar countries;

-Provides the freedom to live, work, study, and retire in the United States;

-Applicant, spouse, and children can be included in a single investment;

-While capital is at risk, carefully chosen investments have a history of being returned;

-Quality lifestyle in one of the world’s best countries;

-No language tests or sponsorship required;

-No requirement to calculate points based on education, age, or work experience.


The USA EB5 Visa is an excellent opportunity for foreign nationals who wish to obtain permanent residency (Green Card) in the United States by investing in a new commercial enterprise. With the EB5 visa, eligible applicants and their families can live, work, do business,and study in the United States, as well as have access to its world-class healthcare and education systems. An eligible applicant can invest in a qualifying New Commercial Enterprise domiciled in: 
  • Targeted Employment Area ($800,000 minimum investment) OR;
  • Outside Targeted Employment Area ($1,050,000 minimum investment).In addition, the EB5 applicant must also create 10 Jobs through this investment.

Program Requirements

  • Personal Documents: Passport copies, birth certificates, marriage certificates, passport photos, investor’s resume, and police clearance certificates.
  • Investment Documents: Evidence of the investment capital and its source, including bank statements, investment account statements, tax returns, and evidence of any loans or gifts received.
  • Business Documents: Evidence of the new commercial enterprise, such as articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, business plans, and lease agreements.
  • Job Creation Documents: Evidence that the investment will create at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers, including payroll records, tax records, and employment contracts.
  • Immigration Forms: Completed immigration forms, such as the I-526 Petition and the DS-260 Application for Immigrant Visa.

How can ACE help?

Our 100% success track record comes from a strong client onboarding strategy and the strength of the unique team of lawyers we place around every client. Each clientis assigned a team of industry-leading EB5 lawyers each highly experienced in a specific area of the law. Our client EB5 teams typically include:

  • A local EB5 lawyer versed in the currency laws and practices of the countries from which a clients’ funds are to be sourced;
  • A real estate lending or finance lawyer to assist with project due diligence;A specialist US Source of Funds documentation lawyer;
  • A senior EB5 attorney responsible for supervising the filing and submission of each client’s case.  


All application fees charged by the government of United States of America and by ACE are subject to changes, these fees depend on the number of applicants and complexity of the process. Please contact our office if you have any question or need further information. ACE’s advisory fees are based on the number of the applicants, country of origin, residence and other retained services, as well as the services and legal fees related to the submission of the application for applicants. Therefore ACE ’s fees are not mentioned on the brochures. The advisory and legal fees are non-refundable. The timeline is indicative, an estimate provided for information purposes only. Processing, time and cost will vary depending on a number of contributing factors. ACE is not responsible for any changes to the information, fees estimates; we can provide specific tailored information, time and cost estimates on an individual basis. Please contact our office for more up-to-date  information. Please note that any additional disbursement fees are charged to the applicant directly.

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