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Canada is one of the world’s most vibrant multi-cultural countries. It is currently the 10th largest economy in the world and ranked in the top three on the list of the world’s best countries in 2019.



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The country is home to iconic cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, and hosts Ivy league-standard universities such as McGill. Canada’s stability, social services, and welcoming society make it one of the world’s foremost destinations for relocation. It also offers an exclusive immigration by investment path that allows entrepreneurs to gain residency whilst establishing their own business. Apart from economic and social dynamism, Canada’s other benefits include child support, free education, and free healthcare in most provinces.


Fastest program to migrate to Canada by relocating with your own business. The program is for the main applicant and his family. Ace Law will assist you in starting your own business that will support you in applying for the work permit for the principal applicant. The spouse of the principal applicant will be eligible for an open work permit while children can apply for a study permit.

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