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Our Immigration Destinations Are Hand-Picked for Their Attractiveness, Benefits, and Achievability.
Our Immigration Destinations Are Hand-Picked For Their Attractiveness, Benefits And Achievability.


Canadian Business migration programs start from $25,000

Canadian immigration processing time can range from 3 months – 1 year

Become a citizen of the world’s Most Livable Country

Why Canadian immigration

There are several advantages to immigrating to Canada, the majority of which directly enhance the immigrant’s and their family’s standard of life in various ways. Free healthcare, education, and a higher standard of living are some of the major benefits of Canadian immigration.

What is immigration to Canada?


Immigration to Canada involves individuals establishing permanent residency through various programs. Canada aims to attract skilled workers, promote family reunification, and offer refuge. The application process assesses criteria like skills, education, and work experience. Successful applicants enjoy benefits like access to social services and the potential for Canadian citizenship.

Important Tips: Applying for Canadian Immigration


To initiate the Canadian immigration process, begin by selecting the most fitting program based on your profile. Ensure your admissibility to Canada by verifying eligibility criteria. Organize all required supporting documents systematically. Consider seeking guidance from reputable immigration lawyers and consultants, such as Ace Luxury, who can help you throughout the process. Finally, submit an accurate and complete application to the relevant Canadian immigration department.

What is the Canada Permanent Resident

One can become a Permanent Resident and have the freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada for an indefinite period with the help of a Permanent Resident Visa.

Benefits of Canada PR Visa:

Obtaining a Canada PR Visa offers numerous benefits, including eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship, and providing a pathway for long-term commitment. Visa holders enjoy the flexibility to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada, fostering a diverse and enriching experience. Access to Canada’s universal healthcare and social benefits ensures a high quality of life. Moreover, the visa provides legal protection under Canadian law, securing the rights and privileges associated with permanent residency.

Essential Documents Required for Canada PR Visa

To apply for a Canada PR Visa through the Express Entry system, essential documents include proof of funds, personal identification, and work experience. Additionally, applicants must provide medical examination results, police clearance certificates, and, if applicable, a job offer. Educational documents and a brief travel history complete the necessary components for a comprehensive and successful application.

Immigrate to Canada

Canada is home to over 300,000 people of Pakistani origin. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan, you have come to the right place. Immigration lawyers and Immigration consultants at Ace Luxury provide an overview of Canadian immigration options available to Pakistanis.

Considering a move from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Canada? Many individuals choose the UAE as their current residence while contemplating a new life in Canada. If you're looking to make this transition, you can learn about obtaining permanent residence with the guidance of Ace Luxury's team of the best immigration lawyers and immigration consultants.

Canada's Immigration Level Plan aims to welcome over one million new immigrants. Boasting more than 80 immigration programs, Canada's system is globally recognized as the best. Using a transparent point-based application, the process is streamlined. Ace Luxury immigration solutions, led by a team of top immigration lawyers and immigration consultants, ensure you choose the ideal program, making the entire immigration process seamless for you.

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