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The main purpose of this program is to get French-speaking workers in Canada by encouraging employers to hire them. The worker will fill high skilled position in any Canadian province other than Quebec. No previous work experience is required. This program is also LMIA exempted; that means that there is no need to show any prior recruitment effort in local market before hiring a foreign worker. The processing time is quiet fast compared to rest of the programs.

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– The applicant’s habitual language must be French; however, the language of work does not have any obligation.

– According to the justice laws in Canada, before the initialization of a francophone mobility program, the employer must submit an offer of employment for a work permit to the applicant.

– The applicant is bound to pay the employer compliance fee, unless the employer has excused him from paying the fee. There is only one possibility for the compliance fee refund, if the employer withdraws their employment offer.

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