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Our Citizenship by Investment Destinations Are Hand-Picked for Pakistanis for their Attractiveness, Benefits, and Achievability.

What does Citizenship by investment mean?

Citizenship by investment refers to the procedure of acquiring a second citizenship and a passport by making an economic investment in the host nation. These CBI programs enable individuals to attain citizenship more expeditiously compared to conventional immigration methods, all while allowing investors to continue with their lives unhindered.


Obtaining a second passport is essential for Pakistanis, providing enhanced travel freedom by circumventing strict visa regulations. This facilitates easier access to various countries, fostering opportunities for business, education, and leisure. The second passport becomes a vital asset during political instability, ensuring security and flexibility by enabling travel and refuge elsewhere. A second passport empowers individuals to safeguard their rights, safety, and explore international opportunities amid turbulent times.

Top Destination to get a Second passport for Pakistan

Immigration in Canada - Flag-Saint-Kitts-and-Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis Second Passport

Offers fast-track second citizenship through real estate investment or a contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund.

Provides affordable second citizenship through a contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund or investment in approved real estate.

Immigration in Canada - malta

Malta Second Passport

Offers a European Union passport with visa-free access to the EU and other countries, combining contributions, investments, and residency requirements.

Provides direct citizenship by investment in real estate, government bonds, or other approved options.

Immigration in Canada - grenada.png

Grenada Second Passport

Allows citizenship through investment in the National Transformation Fund or approved real estate, offering visa-free access to over 140 countries.

Antigua and Barbuda Second Passport

Offers citizenship by investing in the National Development Fund or investment in real estate, with visa-free travel to several countries.

Top Destination to get residency by investment for Pakistan

The UAE residency is known for its great quality of life, rapid economic development, and vibrant cultural diversity. The UAE is a developing international center offering plenty of opportunity and a safe and secure environment.

UK Residency by Investment

The UK residency offers a high standard of living, embraces migrants, and provides quality healthcare and education. With a strong economy and robust social safety nets, it creates an ideal environment for prosperity and inclusivity.

With a significant cultural influence on the entire world, the USA is a popular place for immigrants to settle and offers a wealth of job possibilities. Being the location of prominent research and higher education institutions, it thrives as a center for innovation and technology.

Benefits of getting a Second passport for Pakistanis

One of the major benefits for many Pakistani passport holders is the ease of travel that a second passport brings. Business visas for Pakistani citizens become far easier to obtain on the second passport. For Pakistani nationals, obtaining a second citizenship and corresponding passport may greatly simplify travel and visa applications, regardless of whether they are traveling for work or pleasure. Countries such as Malta and Cyprus can issue second passports quickly. Likewise, the Caribbean countries of St. Kitts, Antigua, Grenada, and Dominica, all allow citizens of Pakistan to apply for a second passport. A second passport from any of these countries will enable visa-free travel for Pakistani citizens to many countries across the globe and faster more efficient processing of visa applications where travel or business visas are required.


Residency and Second Passport Application for Pakistanis

Any country that provides a second passport must meet stringent requirements set by the relevant government departments. Clients must always have a clean criminal record, have sufficient funds to maintain themselves, and have never had their entry to a country denied while they were abroad. After the first deposit, applications may take several months to process.

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