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United Kingdom

The UK is one of the most popular countries and destinations in the world. The UK an island nation in Europe made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is home to the global center, London,the local population is tolerant and endearing and is strongly committed to their age-old customs and traditions, deeply rooted in the British culture. The UK boasts one of the friendliest business environments, first-class basic amenities, an advanced educational system, and state-of-the-art health services. The UK residency is one of the most sought-after residency visa programs by non-UK citizens across the world.

United Kingdom Business Residency Program


Innovative, scaling business processing

Key benefit

The right to live, work, and study anywhere in the United Kingdom

Processing time

One–eight weeks from submission of the application to approval

Innovator Founder Visa

The UK gives the option to non-UK nationals to obtain UK Residency. The new business residency program, Innovator Founder Visa, has replaced the old Innovator Visa and has brought an end to the Start-up Visa. This new program offers more flexibility for eligible applicants who can demonstrate that they have an innovative business idea backed up by the intention to commit to delivering on that business idea.
The great news is that applicants will no longer need to show that they have at least £50,000, so this opens the door to many more applicants that would not have qualified for this program before now.

Self-Sponsorship Program

The UK gives the option to non-UK nationals to obtain UK Residency. The UK residency visa is a long-term residence visa that enables foreign talents and business persons and their families to live and work or study in the UK while enjoying exclusive benefits. Eligible applicants can take advantage of the UK Self-Sponsored Route. Self-Sponsorship refers to an application to come and work in the UK for your own
business without the need of having a UK Sponsor. This can lead to permanent residency and British citizenship for yourself and your family

How can ACE help?

  • Contact our Immigration Advisors who will assess your personal situation and assist you in selecting the most appropriate program;
  • Assist in the creation of business plans and preparing application files; Assistance in the creation of UK entity, bank account opening assistance, securing sponsor license, HRcompliance;
  • Prepare the application file to be submitted to the UK Home Office and ensure that all requirements are met;
  • Training and preparation for interviews as required;
  • Post-residency visa obtainment support and business support in the UK

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