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United Kingdom Residency

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Why choose The UK Residency?

The United Kingdom offers several UK visa programs that allow non-UK citizens to reside in the country for various purposes. The UK residency, often associated with different visa categories, is indeed sought after by individuals globally for several reasons, including employment opportunities, educational pursuits, and family reunification.



Innovative, scaling business processing

Key benefit

The right to live, work, and study anywhere in the United Kingdom

Processing time

One–eight weeks from submission of the application to approval

Benefits of UK Residency

Obtaining UK business residency offers many benefits, including access to the country’s robust healthcare system, diverse work opportunities, and educational benefits for residents. Social welfare programs provide a safety net, and legal protections ensure a secure environment for business endeavors. Long-term stability is enhanced, promoting economic growth and personal well-being. Additionally, UK business residency allows for easy travel within the Schengen Area, further expanding opportunities.




The UK gives the option to non-UK nationals to obtain UK Residency. The new business residency program, Innovator Founder Visa, has replaced the old Innovator Visa and has brought an end to the Start-up Visa. This new program offers more flexibility for eligible applicants who can demonstrate that they have an innovative business idea backed up by the intention to commit to delivering on that business idea.



The UK gives the option to non-UK nationals to obtain UK Residency. The UK visa is a long-term residence visa that enables foreign talents and business persons and their families to live and work or study in the UK while enjoying exclusive benefits. Eligible applicants can take advantage of the UK Self-Sponsored Route. Self-sponsorship refers to an application to come and work in the UK for your own business without the need to have a UK Sponsor. This can lead to UK permanent residency and British citizenship for yourself and your family.


UK Expansion Worker Program

The UK Expansion Worker route is for foreign employees who want to work in the UK temporarily, and who are either senior managers or specialized employees who are being deployed to the UK to help with the company’s expansion. This UK visa route replaced the Representative of an Overseas Business route. Through this route, a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company is established in the UK and the applicant and their family can move to the UK.

Requirement for the UK business residency program

To qualify for the UK business residency program, applicants must be 18 or above, possess a minimum of £50,000 in investment funds, and submit a unique, innovative, viable, and scalable business plan endorsed by an approved UK endorsing body. Meeting English language requirements and showcasing adequate financial resources for living in the UK are also essential criteria for a UK residency program. These requirements aim to attract entrepreneurs with impactful ideas, nurturing innovation and contributing to economic growth in the United Kingdom, making the UK business residency program a key avenue for visionary business leaders.

How to apply for a UK business visa

To apply for a UK business visa, start by reviewing the specific requirements for the visa category you are interested in and confirming your eligibility. Depending on the type of UK business visa, you may need documents such as a valid Certificate of Sponsorship or an endorsement letter. Upload necessary documents to support your UK business visa application, such as evidence of investment funds. Attend your biometric appointment for fingerprint scanning and photo capture. Finally, await a decision on your UK business visa application.

Processing duration for a UK business visa

The processing duration for a UK business visa is based upon several factors, such as the specific visa category applied for, the applicant’s country of origin, and whether they opt for standard or priority services. Generally, the processing time for a UK business visa can span up to 8 weeks. It is crucial to know that the timeframe may vary based on these considerations. Individuals should keep in mind the distinct aspects associated with the UK business visa application process, including the type of visa, the applicant’s nationality, and the choice between standard and priority processing services.

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