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The United States of America (US), a country located in North America, is one of the most popular countries and destinations in the world. A country with 50 states and a federal district that has left its cultural and political footprint on the entire world. The local population is vibrant, multicultural, multi-ethnic, tolerant, and endearing, and are strongly committed to their age-old customs and traditions, deeply rooted in the American culture. The US boasts of one of the friendliest business environments, first-class basic amenities, an advanced educational system, and state-of-the-art health services. The US is one of the most sought countries in the world by non-US citizens across the world to live, work, do business, and study in.

L1 Intracompany Transfer Visa


No minimum Investment

Time Frame

4-6 Months

Family Dependents

Spouse,Children under 21

Program Requirements

The L1 Intracompany Transfer Visa is a non-immigrant visa category available in the United States. It allows multinational companies to transfer employees in managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge positions from an overseas branch to a related branch or affiliate within the U.S. This visa enables companies to maintain continuity and leverage the expertise of their employees in the U.S. It requires a valid employer-employee relationship, and the applicant musthave worked for the overseas company for a minimum period of time. The L1 visa initially grants a maximum stay of three years, with extensions possible up to a total of seven years for L1A (executive/managerial) visa holders and five years for L1B (specialized knowledge) visa holders.


-Fast application process; get US L1 Visa in as little as 180 days

-Freedom to live, work in the business without restrictions

-Extended Period of stay

-Dual Intent visa

-No set wage requirements

-L1 Visa is eligible for Premium Processing

-No annual quotas set for a number of L1 Visas Issued

-Ability to add on family members including spouse, partners, and children

-One of the friendliest international business environments in the world

-State-of-the-art amenities

-Possibility of a pathway to the EB1C or EB5 Investor Immigrant Green Card


The US gives the option to non-US nationals to transfer their business operations to the US through this pathway. Non-US nationals who do not yet have a business operating in the United States are permitted to set up business and move staff under the “new-office L1 visa route”, provided we can establish a qualifying relationship between the already existing business with your new US business. The L1A visa is for executives and managers and the L1B visa is for employees with specialized knowledge. With the L1 Visa, eligible applicants can expand their business into the United States and take advantage of the world’s largest consumer market

Program Requirements

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Business license
  • Income tax filings for the past three years
  • Audited accounting reports (e.g., balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow reports, etc.)
  • Organizational chart, which should include the total number of employees and indicate the position held by the transferee
  • Company brochure or product introduction
  • Documentation of business transactions (e.g., commercial contracts, invoices, bills of  lading, letters of credit, etc.)
  • Bank statements or transactional records
  • Company letterhead with company logo, name, and address
  • Pictures of company’s main office, factories, or buildings

How can ACE help?

  • Contact our Immigration Advisors who will assess your personal situation and assist you in selecting the most appropriate program and program option.
  • Assist in the creation of business plans and preparing application files.
  • Assistance in creation of US entity, bank account opening assistance, obtaining a US Federal Taxation Registration, obtaining a State Tax Registration, obtaining necessary Licenses and Permits, filing to protect your Trademarks and Patents, drafting or reviewing a Franchise Agreement.
  • Preparing your application file to be submitted to the USCIS and ensuring that all requirements are met.
  • Post-visa obtainment support and other relevant business support in the US.


All application fees charged by the government of United States of America and by ACE are subject to changes, these fees depend on the number of applicants and complexity of the process. Please contact our office if you have any question or need further information. ACE’s advisory fees are based on the number of the applicants, country of origin, residence and other retained services, as well as the services and legal fees related to the submission of the application for applicants. Therefore ACE ’s fees are not mentioned on the brochures. The advisory and legal fees are non-refundable. The timeline is indicative, an estimate provided for information purposes only. Processing, time and cost will vary depending on a number of contributing factors. ACE is not responsible for any changes to the information, fees estimates; we can provide specific tailored information, time and cost estimates on an individual basis. Please contact our office for more up-to-date information. Please note that any additional disbursement fees are charged to the applicant directly.

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