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UAE Residency

Unlock the benefits of the UAE Golden Visa

Why choose the United Arab Emirates?

Renowned for its friendly business environment, the United Arab Emirates offers a welcoming atmosphere for investors and entrepreneurs. The first-class basic amenities, advanced educational system, and state-of-the-art health services contribute to the overall quality of life in the country. The immigration lawyers and immigration consultants at Ace Luxury are always here to guide you in every step of your UAE residency journey.


Since 2018, the UAE Residency has gained immense popularity as one of the most sought-after residency programs worldwide. The UAE Golden Visa, a key component of the residency program, has attracted a significant number of non-UAE citizens. This visa allows individuals to live, work, and invest in the UAE, providing long-term stability and opportunities. The allure of the UAE Residency, with its numerous benefits, has positioned the country as a prime destination for those seeking a secure and prosperous future.

UAE Residency: Business Residency & Golden Visa Programs

UAE Residency Programs

Business Residency – by Business Setup - (Starting from) USD 4,000 (15,000 AED)
Golden Visa – by Real Estate Investment - (Starting from) USD 545,000 (2 million AED)

Processing time

3-4 weeks

Family Dependents

Spouse, Children, Parents, Domestic helpers (included in same application)

Types of Investment

Real Estate Investment:

Investment (in real estate property) Starting from USD 545,000 (2 million AED – 10 year visa – renewable) Be a Real Estate Investor Visa fees approx. 10,000 AED for investor and 6,000 AED per dependent
$ 545,000 Statring from

Business Residency

Company Establishment Starting from USD 4,000 (15,000 AED – 2 year visa – renewable) Be a Founder/Shareholder of an operating company Other government disbursements apply according to specific details supplied
$ 4,000 Starting from


  • Fast Residency application process; get UAE Residency in as little as 4 weeks;
  • Freedom to live, work and do business in the UAE without restrictions;
  • Access to some of the world’s best Free Trade Zones with ease of incorporating companies, ease of doing business and international links;
  • Investment in Real Estate Property with comparatively high annual ROI;
  • Ability to add on family members including spouse, children and parents;
  • Ability to add on domestic helpers;
  • Tax Advantage (0%) and more than a 100 Double Taxation Agreements;
  • No mandatory long-term physical residency requirement after residency is issued.


The United Arab Emirates offers non-UAE nationals the option of obtaining short-term (2-year) and long-term (10-year) UAE residencies. The Business Residency, achievable through business setups in the UAE Mainland or Free Trade Zones, grants a 2-year visa.


For a long-term Golden Visa, foreign talents can live, work, or study in the UAE, enjoying exclusive benefits.


To secure the UAE Golden Visa one must invest 2 million AED in qualifying real estate held in the investor’s name, reflected on the title deed. This investment extends to the investor, direct family (spouse, children, parents), and domestic helpers. To ensure eligibility, seek guidance from Ace Luxury’s professional immigration lawyers and immigration consultants which specializes in UAE residency and UAE Golden Visa services.


UAE Residence by Investment Overview

UAE Residence by Investment allows foreign nationals to make an investment in the country and apply for a residence permit, also known as a UAE golden visa.

Procedures and time frame of the UAE golden visa.

To apply for the UAE Golden Visa, complete the necessary forms, pay fees, and submit supporting documents. The visa is valid for 10 years, renewable, even if you live outside the UAE. Investments must be held for a minimum of three years. After due diligence and payment, submit the residence application. Upon initial approval, get a six-month multiple-entry visa. In the UAE, apply for an ID card and undergo a medical check. Full approval is granted, and you receive the 10-year residence visa. The processing time for the residence application is over eight weeks.


All application fees charged by the government of the United Arab Emirates and by ACE are subject to changes, these fees depend on the number of applicants and complexity of the process. Please contact our office if you have any question or need further information. ACE’s advisory fees are based on the number of the applicants, country of origin, residence and other retained services, as well as the services and legal fees related to the submission of the application for applicants. Therefore ACE ’s fees are not mentioned on the brochures. The advisory and legal fees are non-refundable. The timeline is indicative, an estimate provided for information purposes only. Processing, time and cost will vary depending on a number of contributing factors. ACE is not responsible for any changes to the estimates; we can provide specific time and cost estimates on an individual basis. Please contact our office for more up-to-date information. Please note that any additional disbursement fees are charged to the applicant.

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