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ACE Law gears up to provide hassle free Immigration process of Canadian Immigration for discerning Indian patrons

Last Updated: August 16, 2021

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The firm gears up to make the process hassle free for migrants.

ACE Law is headed by a three-member team, who are Canadian Immigration lawyers with more than twenty years of combined legal experience. The company understands the growing interest amongst skilled professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals about Canadian, European and Caribbean immigration. These countries offer safety, security, quality healthcare along a great environment to raise families.

The firm ensures that the immigration program one has applied for works on every level to create the lifestyle the person has dreamed of and in the end and have regular meetings with the client and the authorities to ensure the application journey is hassle-free. ACE Law strives to revolutionize the practice and find new ways to improve client’s experience who may be sitting anywhere in the world.

Commenting on the business, Lovedeep Singh Arora, Managing Director and Co-founder ACE Law Barristers & Solicitors said, “Immigration has now become more of a lifestyle for people. We as a firm aim to make the process hassle free for our customers and make sure they get the best legal advice for it. With our plans to capture the Indian Market, we are looking at more businesses to fulfill their dreams by moving abroad.”

ACE Law also holds the ability to assist clients to achieve their immigration aspirations with numerous other programs including Europe, the Caribbean, and further afield. The firm role is to ensure that the clients get the best possible legal advice to enable them to choose the immigration program that best meets their individual needs.


ACE Law has expanded its operation to the Middle East with offices based in Dubai with offices due to open in India later this year. It plans on expanding its footprint across the map in the near future and is striving to create an inspiring success story for others to feel motivated.



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