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Immigrating to another country is getting more common with each passing day. People are leaving their comfort zones in quest of greater possibilities in other nations. Canada migration is becoming increasingly popular in the UAE these days.

The most important thing to remember while relocating to Canada is to submit your application correctly. Even though Canada is highly welcoming to immigrants, all paperwork is scrutinized to ensure that nothing is falsified.

Although not mandatory, it is advised that you take the help of immigration lawyers services in Dubai to improve your application.

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

The function of an immigration lawyer is to analyze your application and guarantee that there are no impediments to your movement. Immigration law is a diverse and ever-changing area of law. Immigration attorneys work hard to remain up to date on the newest developments and changing regulations. Choosing to hire an experienced and trustworthy Canadian immigration lawyer can be the difference between an application being refused and approved.

The immigration procedure necessitates a significant amount of paperwork. In the world of immigration, regulations and policies change daily. It is the role of an immigration lawyer to keep an eye on them and keep you updated on their process. Obtaining permanent residence is a time-consuming and paper-intensive procedure. The same concerns apply to temporary immigrants; such as study or work visas. While some immigrants prefer to hope for the best and do it alone, moving to Canadian does not have to be a tough procedure when you have a professional immigration lawyer on your side.

Canadian migration lawyers have considerable preparation, mastery, and encounter in finding, comprehending, and synthesizing Canadian migration legislation. The migration streams in Canada are numerous and diversified. These issues can too complicate these streams. The best immigration lawyer will simplify things for you and describe everything in layman’s terms.

Lawyers are also subject to continual regulation by the many organizations that oversee the legal profession. This supervision is intended to maintain a high level of expertise, professionalism, and service. It also implies that you may check the websites of the provincial bar organizations that have licensed your lawyer to practice in Canada to confirm his or her status.

There are charges associated with hiring a lawyer. However, the expenses of not hiring a lawyer, especially in a subject as important and life-changing as immigration to Canada, can be incalculably greater. Investing in a professional immigration attorney is a wise decision.

You can come to Canada using one of more than a hundred different paths, including federal economic streams and provincial ones. If you want to study or work in Canada or immigrate under the family and humanitarian categories, you have over 100 other options. This diversity gives many fantastic opportunities to both future Canadians and foreign nationals, but it also produces a lot of uncertainty and bothers. A lawyer can find programs that you may not have been aware of and inform you if you are qualified for them.

People frequently believe that investing so much money in a lawyer is a waste of money, however, this should be viewed as an investment in a brighter future. Those who self-represented or used immigration advisors who were not attorneys had nearly double the rate of permanent residency petitions rejected as compared to those who hired a lawyer according to figures released in the Toronto Star in 2018.

The law of immigration into Canada can encompass other aspects of the law, such as family, commercial, and international law. A family moving to Canada as part of an entrepreneur immigration program, for example, can benefit from the services of a lawyer who is well-versed in Canadian company rules, regulations, and procedures. If you want to acquire an existing business or establish a new one, for example, an immigration lawyer may be able to advise you on what is best for you and your position.

Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions‘ immigration lawyers are well-versed in the intricacies of this field and can advise you on any immigration concerns. Our firm has a team of three top immigration attorneys with a combined 20 years of expertise, which may help you quickly realize your goal of relocating to Canada.

Difference Between Immigration Lawyers & Immigration Consultant

Furthermore, as we have shown, there are numerous immigration firms in the UAE that offer to fix your problem but are unable to do so. Rather than engaging attorneys, most businesses hire immigration advisors/consultants. Immigration attorneys in Canada have significantly more legal education than consultants. Immigration attorneys must first attend law school and complete a three-year degree program before they may practice. They must also pass the bar exam to be formally registered. In addition to their education, many attorneys conduct an internship in a law firm during or after their studies. Most legal programs also need an undergraduate degree before admission to law school, therefore attorneys often have many years of post-secondary study. Canadian immigration attorneys can also accompany you to immigration interviews and fight for your application in a Canadian court of law in the unlikely event that your application is called for judicial review.

Immigration advisors, on the other hand, are not attorneys. They do not go to law school and often complete a one-year certification program to get registered. It is also not necessary for immigration consultants to have a bachelor’s degree to begin their certification. While immigration advisors are legally permitted to represent you, only certified attorneys are permitted to advocate on your behalf in federal court if necessary.

Although many immigration consultants are honest people, it is indisputable that there is a substantial percentage of fraud in this field. This is not meant to belittle the profession, but you should use caution when selecting an immigration consultant in your native country. You must verify the services you are utilizing and be on the lookout for possible immigration red flags.

Why Choose Us

Ace Luxury Immigrations Solutions is a law firm made up of legal advocates that have been authorized by the government to advise you on immigration concerns. It is our duty to ensure that all documentation is complete, correct, and submitted on time to the immigration department. We strive to offer you the best legal assistance available at a reasonable cost.

Over the previous half-century, Canada has earned a reputation for accepting immigrants and appreciating multiculturalism. About one-fifth of Canada’s population is foreign-born, one of the highest ratios among developed Western countries. Immigrants have aided the country’s economic growth and helped it battle aging demographics.

Role of the immigration in Canada:

Immigration in Canada profoundly impacts Canadian society and culture, much as it did in the United States. Canada exploited immigration to help develop enormous territory when it gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1867. Immigrants were urged to settle in rural, frontier regions by government-sponsored information campaigns and recruiters.

Not all immigrants were welcomed. Selected groups were banned or discouraged from immigrating throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Including non-Europeans and non-Christians and the homeless, sick, and crippled.

As refugees and others fled Europe, public views toward foreigners eased, and economic growth necessitated a larger workforce, Canada’s immigration calculus shifted. Cold War tensions also affected Canadian policy, with anti-Communist and Soviet-bloc immigrants receiving preferential treatment.

Canadian’s review about immigration:

For decades, the Canadian population has had a positive attitude toward immigration. Only around a third of Canadians thought immigration numbers were too high in a 2019 poll. Canadians have a more favorable attitude toward immigrants and their country’s immigration system than their American counterparts.

This is partly due to the Canadian government’s attempts to promote and embrace a multiculturalism policy and make diversity a part of the country’s identity. In addition, there is no large-scale unauthorized migration in Canada, a problem that has fostered anti-immigrant sentiment in many other nations, particularly the United States. However, according to some studies, popular support for immigration might readily diminish.

Canadian’s immigration process:

New permanent residents are admitted to Canada in one of four categories. In 2018, the economic stream revealed 58 % new permanent residents, followed by family sponsorship with 27 %, protected people and refugees with 14 %, and humanitarian or other with 1%.


The economical procedure of immigration in Canada has been hailed as a model for other nations. Economic immigrants are primarily drawn from government high-skilled labor programs. Many people apply using a point system that provides younger people with job offers and high levels of education, experience, and language ability the upper hand. The government sends out invitations to top-ranking individuals every two weeks to apply for permanent residence, an expensive and time-consuming procedure that involves language tests and biometric screening. Within six months, the majority of applicants obtain a decision.

Although the federal government must still approve provincially funded immigrants, most of them are granted permanent status. The Canadian approach to immigration has attracted attention in the United States, where regional initiatives might help areas with shrinking populations thrive. Michigan requested that the federal government set aside 50,000 visas in 2014 to entice high-skilled immigrants to Detroit, but this request was denied.


Immigrants in this category include wives, partners, and children joining family members who have already settled in Canada. Legal permanent residents can use this scheme to sponsor their relatives, who must also apply for permanent status. Even though they are not legally married, Canada welcomes same-sex couples under this immigration category. However, they must show proof of a long-term commitment.

Humanitarian and non-humanitarian causes:

A tiny number of persons are granted permanent residency in Canada for various reasons. These include broad humanitarian and compassionate grounds, such as particular challenges applicants would suffer if they returned to their native countries. Individuals must first get authorization before applying. When adjudicating cases, officials consider a variety of criteria, including applicants’ ties to Canada and the consequences of their refusal to be admitted.

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