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Canada is welcoming more business-based immigration post-Covid

Last Updated: November 18, 2021

As we all know, when the deadly wave of Covid rocked the entire world, the business immigration sector was seriously impacted. It also had an enormous impact on employees & migrant workers all over the globe. Slowly and steadily, things are returning to normal as the majority of the population of various nations has been immunized. Individuals have once again mustered the bravery to relocate from one continent to another for personal and professional development.


Internally, Canada continues to rely on immigration to fuel its post-coronavirus economic revival. Every country wants its economy to expand and flourish, thus they require individuals to invest in their country in many ways.


When it comes to Canada, the country offers corporate immigration programs like the Intra-Company Transfer Program, Startup Visa Program, etc., via which people can get the status of a permanent resident and, ultimately, citizenship. Canada has an excellent educational system, a low crime rate, excellent infrastructure, world-class healthcare facilities, and so forth. All investors and entrepreneurs these days are seeking new challenges, and if they can overcome the obstacles, they can have a successful future in Canada.


According to a survey, immigrants score well in terms of job creation and labor market success. It has been recently discovered that immigrant-owned companies tend to do better in business in comparison to companies owned by locals. Hence, Canada has now begun to adopt immigration-friendly rules and policies to attract new talent and people who can give financial benefits in addition to cultural ones. The Canadian government also makes sure that the policies that are constructed are fair, transparent & that there are no sudden changes in immigration rules & plans so that it’s easier for individuals with an intent to migrate to stay updated.


According to Canada’s most recent Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023, the country hopes to welcome approximately 400,000 new permanent immigrants per year.


According to the 2021 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada is the best country in the world for immigration procedures and investment climate (NBI). Canada was also placed fourth in the 2021 Global Start-up Ecosystem Index Report.


It is also not surprising to know that Canada has a solid post recovery plan through business and economic immigration.




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