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“Ace” Launch to Coincide with Expo 2020

Last Updated: May 17, 2021

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“ATM 2021”: Canada’s “Ace” immigration law firm to Boost Global Mobility for UAE, Saudi Startups to Reach North American Markets


News Highlights


  1. The company aims to help a 1000 UAE and Saudi-based entrepreneurs and start-ups a year in their expansion plans into the North American markets.
  • The UAE is Canada’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Canadian merchandise exports to the UAE reached a record of $1.6 billion.
  • Ace is currently working on “Entrepreneurship & Startup Migration Trends in Middle East 2021”, findings to be revealed in September 2021 when it is completed.
  • 90% immigration case rejections are due the improper submission by the applicants.
  • Ace will be formally launched in Dubai in September-end 2021, a day before Expo 2021.


(DUBAI, RIYADH), May 17, 2021: 


Ontario-based Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, a leading business immigration firm based in Canada, today announced its expansion plans into Middle East based out of Dubai. The company aims to help a 1000 UAE and Saudi-based entrepreneurs and start-ups a year in their expansion plans into the North American markets, which will boost investment volume and business activities between Canada, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The UAE is Canada’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa and Canadian merchandise exports to the UAE reached a record of $1.6 billion in 2017. It reflects growing bilateral relations. Canada has a large pavilion at Expo 2020. A 1,200-square-metre Canada Pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai will feature architectural elements to symbolize the strong cultural ties between Canada and the UAE.

A research study about Entrepreneurship & Startup Migration Trends in Middle East 2021 by Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions is currently under way. The findings will be revealed at Ace’s launch in Dubai in September-end 2021.


Expo 2020 Opportunity


EY in its ‘The Economic Impact of Expo 2020 Dubai’ Report forecasted that the Expo will boost UAE economy with a sizeable yield of US$ 33 billion (Dh 122.6 billion) investments that will create 905,200 new full-time jobs and 1.5% contribution to UAE GDP in a short span of six month running of the Expo. Over 26 million combined visitors – in-person and virtually from the comfort of their homes who will participate through online channels.


Shahrukh Zohaib, a Canadian barrister and Managing Partner of Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, said: “UAE is on the recovery path and has a promising future backed by its handling of Covid-19 crisis and country-wide vaccination drive. We at Ace conducted a thorough study of the Middle East market. We have found that Dubai is still the hub of commerce, trade, business and a favourite destination for investors. We have noticed there is a pent-up desire in Middle Eastern investors to expand and capitalize on Canadian and North America markets.”

“Here comes the Ace to put each case and application on right track so that the investors do not face rejections due to the improper handling of the immigration case file, missing documents and lack of knowledge about business migration processes. 90% rejections are due the improper submission by applicants or the representatives. Ace will be the only immigration company in the UAE which will be headed by a team of three expert Canadian national lawyers and has the highest the success rate.,” Shahrukh concluded.


Growing Immigration Market


According to Astute Analytics: in past five years, revenues from investment migration programmes more than tripled. The global investment migration services market size is estimated to experience a growth to CAGR around 5% during the forecast period 2021-2027. The growth is attribute to the greater and urgent need for mobility due the Covid-19 induced lockdowns, freeze in economic activities and health concerns.

Ace specializes in Entrepreneur Work Permit coded as C11, which falls under Canada’s International Mobility Program (IMP). To qualify for it, an applicant needs show an investment of $150,000 – $200,000 in his bank along with a viable business plan. Rest of the work is completed by his immigration consultancy firm.


About Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions


Ace is a multicultural law firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Ace has a team headed by three Canadian Immigration lawyers with more than twenty years of combined legal experience. Company understands the growing interest amongst entrepreneurs, innovative talent, start-ups, skilled professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals for Canadian, European and Caribbean immigration. These regions offer safety, security, life quality, healthcare, free education for kids and a great environment to raise families and grow business.


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