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Last Updated: September 6, 2021

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The top three reasons our clients say that they are looking to move countries are for children, better life & religious freedom.


Tell us about your journey so far/How have your professional and personal journeys been so far?

It has been an amazing journey so far on both professional & personal front. As Shireen & myself are life & business partners, we strive to maintain a near perfect balance between the two. As such we have divided our time and roles in the company with a focus on our individual areas of strength. Striking a balance is really important when you work and live together so we ensure we have our own time with mutual decision to stay off phones or laptops and also try not to discuss clients during that time (not that we always achieve that).


What inspired you to do what you are doing right now?

My dad is a well-renowned physician, entrepreneur, philanthropist & a great leader. He is founder & CEO of a multi speciality hospital, an active Rotarian and is presently serving as President of the Indian Medical Association (Punjab). I consider him to be my mentor and would deem myself to be fortunate if I were to achieve a fraction of what he has painstakingly built.


What is your current perception about the market situation?

The current world situation has taught us all many important life lessons especially around friends and family. I am grateful to almighty for having my loved ones in my life; and the realization of how important it is to enjoy good health. It is perhaps now the time to look to the future of our children’s education, reliable and robust health care system, general welfare & security of self & property and other long-term benefits. Hence the need to move to other countries has become strong.

People have realised that they are paying similar taxes in their countries yet the facilities, infrastructure, and benefits are vastly different. When we ask our clients to complete the ‘intake sheet’, generally the top three reasons that they are looking to move countries are for children, better quality of life & religious freedom.

The immigration market continues to see substantial growth therefore we are looking forward to open our third office. We are committed to offering our clients world-class personalised service from each of our locations.


USP of the firm

Since we are a law firm, specialising in immigration, our clients trust us with their savings & investments. As each client is treated as an individual, they realise that their relationship with us is for a lifetime. We help them establish schools for their children; buy property and so much more. Our USP is integrity & transparency.


What are your future plans for the company?

Future Plan: We intend to open an office in Singapore and we are also exploring the markets of Russia & other GCC countries. Yet at the same time, we want to take a steady approach with relevant business analysis as we are committed to delivering a quality service in whichever location we operate from.


How ACE Luxury Imimigration has strived to revolutionize the immigration practice and find new ways to improve the client’s experience.

Ace Luxury is the first Canadian Immigration Law Firm to have offices in both Dubai & Toronto; with a fully qualified legal team operating in both locations. Our lawyers meet with and manage all aspects of clients’ applications and have regular communication with them throughout the process.


Future and Expansion of Business Immigration and Investments

Immigration is generally divided into three categories- student, skilled & business. Whilst everyone understands student, skilled is generally for a particular age group (I would say candidates generally under 35 years of age, well- educated with few years of work experience). For the age group above 35 the most recommended solution is Business migration.


How Business Immigration is helping Businesses Expand Globally?

Business immigration has given a boost to investors all over the world with opportunities to spread their wings, expand and establish their business in new territories.  A person with a certain level of business acumen can establish, buy or invest in a business in Canada and the legal team at ACE provides investors/business owners and managers achieve their business and immigration goals for themselves and their families.





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