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Business Immigration Lawyers in (Dubai) UAE

Business immigration in UAE has recently gained in popularity. People desire to shift their firms from the UAE to better-off countries. The best immigration lawyers in UAE can help you learn how companies run in Canada and how to transfer and thrive there.


Ace is a recognized and government-approved firm made up of Immigration attorneys and lawyers who specialize in the field of immigration. Our immigration lawyers in Dubai are committed to supporting businesses from all over the world with all of their immigration needs.Our services comprise a wide range of immigration services, from agreement support to counseling and also risk management. Business Immigration attorneys at our Dubai office are well-versed with immigration law. We make certain that we handle all matters in the most open and transparent manner possible.


Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, with offices in Canada, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates, can provide you with the ideal immigration services. Our lawyers are easily accessible by visiting the office; virtual sessions are also available for those who are unable to come in person.

Experienced + Best Immigration Lawyers in (Dubai) UAE

Ours is a team headed by three Canadian Immigration lawyers with over 20 years of combined expertise who can comprehensively guide you through the immigration process. The company has so far handled several cases involving business migration, family migration, student migration, etc. from sections of the UAE, especially Dubai, and has a high success rate. Furthermore, with their extensive knowledge and professional approach, our Canadian migration specialists in Dubai can guarantee to deliver comfort and relaxation to your tense situation. With numerous locals on our legal staff, we have strong roots in the UAE, allowing us to interact with and assist clients here.


We provide the following immigration legal services in the UAE:
• Assisting and guiding individuals as well as families through the immigration process
• Informing individuals about the best-suited immigration programs available
• Preparing & submitting documents
• Legal counsel in the case of a previous denial

We deliver the best immigration lawyer services in UAE because of our result-oriented team of immigration lawyers. Our company’s purpose is to be completely upfront with our clients and to present the finest solution for everyone. Transparency, in our opinion, is essential.
Our immigration attorneys in Dubai have vast knowledge and great mastery of the legal procedures involved in immigration matters. We have handled matters that other lawyers were unable to manage and achieved excellent results.

Best Immigration Lawyer Services in (Dubai) UAE

A Canadian law firm that provides simplified immigration advice by leveraging local knowledge and a worldwide network. To the greatest degree possible, we combine technical expertise with the deep industry experience of our attorneys to assist our clients. Our firm exists to empower individuals in achieving their objectives by collaborating with them to handle the issues that have arisen as a result of a lack of accurate information.

Individuals searching for work, well-established firms hoping to relocate, students looking to further their education, as well as individuals looking to just visit Canada, may all benefit from our services.

Best Immigration Law Firm in (Dubai) UAE

Ours is a UAE immigration firm that is the ideal place for you to obtain the desired visas and permits. We have vast expertise aiding customers in acquiring especially Canadian visas.

Along with migration schemes such as the Startup Visa Program and C-11 for established and aspiring businesses, we also excel at obtaining permits for families. Our immigration attorneys are well-versed with Family Sponsorship Programs & have helped many families reunite in Canada. We also offer second passport services to our clients.

Our specialisation is less visa processing time and lower fees as compared to the market prices.

The entire team of Ace ensures that you receive all updates regarding your application in time and that all information is communicated in an understandable manner.

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