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The C11 visa is LMIA exempted & is an alternative to the Intracompany transferee program (can be for applicants whose business doesn’t qualify for the ICT program). It is an option for people who have unique businesses or have specialized knowledge.

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The main objective of this program is to demonstrate that their business or intended business in Canada would generate significant economic, social or cultural benefit or opportunities for the country’s citizens or residents. There has to be a proper strategy in place to show the demand of their product or service, which place will the business operated from, how many people will be hired, revenue generated, etc. Earlier sportsmen, artists, scientists, and musicians were using this program but now it is high in demand for any businessman/entrepreneur with unique ideas or knowledge, who can pass on significant economic benefit and make a decent amount of investment.

To start with your application we would require your complete business profile and any proof that is enough to show that your business is unique or you have specialized knowledge of a product or service. A personal profile consisting of education credentials, details of spouse & dependents, employment status, etc. A professional business plan also needs to be in place which our team can help you with.

The applicant may get a one or two-year work permit, which can be applied again once it expires. The spouse can accompany on an open work permit and dependent children can continue their education in Canada. After a year of successfully operating the proposed business in Canada, the applicant may become eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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