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The Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Program was launched in 2013. This program requires applicants to either make a specific investment to the country or to acquire a government-approved asset. Options including family citizenship are also provided once the relevant background checks have been completed. To qualify for citizenship, the primary applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the application requirements, and satisfy either the National Transformation Fund donation option or the real estate option.


Minimum investment of USD 150,000

3 - 4 months

Traveling rights to Europe’s Schengen Area, China, Russia, Singapore and many more in addition to having domestic health care and security benefits.

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The island nation of Grenada, also called “Spice Island,” sits at the southern end of the Antilles chain, known for the production of nutmeg and mace. Grenada has tourism as a chief contributor to the economy. An affordable real estate investment or a donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) can take you and your family to the island of spice. St. George’s, the capital and largest port on the southwest coast, has a beautiful natural harbour and attractive pastel-colored buildings that slope up the hillsides from the waterfront. Because island schooners were historically careened there, the waterfront is known as the Carenage. St. George’s is the eastern Caribbean’s yachting and charter boat capital.


– Visa-free to 144 destinations.

– Eligibility to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

– Options to include spouse and family.

– No dual citizenship restrictions.

– No minimum stay required.

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